School A

Donna's work assists districts in identifying curriculum, teaching strategies and resources that make a difference. In school A, after implementation of ESGI's progress monitoring platform, her Reading Aptitude Continuum, and professional development for teachers, one of the districts had 10.1% increase in meeting targets in English language arts. Middle school achievement rose from 2.6% to 13.1% meeting targets in English language arts on PARCC and surpassed 68 schools according to state rankings of Illinois schools, becoming the highest growth ranking of any middle school in the state. The district moved up 21 rankings in comparison to all Illinois schools on the same report. Dr. Gabrielle Schwemmer, Illinois superintendent, conducted research on the work of Donna Whyte. According to Dr. Schwemmer, "through the implementation and data analysis of the Reading Aptitude Continuum created by Donna Whyte, the district is experiencing great achievement in literacy. The PARCC scores have generously increased, due to the implementation of a strategic focus on Literacy." Get the white paper.

School B

"In our school, along with several others in our consortium, we work with Donna Whyte as our long term literacy, engagement, and management consultant. Donna has brought her knowledge, vast experience, and candid honesty which challenges teachers and administrators to rethink their belief systems. It involves hard work, examining current practice, and analyzing the newest research. Along with one of her favorite sayings, “If EVERY child was successful – we wouldn’t need to change a thing – until then WE must be open to a different way”. Many teachers and administrators have described how uncomfortable they have felt at times with the challenge; however, the end results are irrefutable with data to support the success. Our reading scores are up, and referrals are down, in a setting with some of the most challenging students in our area. I highly recommend, Donna Whyte, if you are ready to commit to change to create a path to success."
Michelle Brunner, MPA
Principal Cincinnati

This chart represents our most recent growth since engaging Donna's services in 2019:


White Paper

This white paper was written to engage educators serving students impacted by economic, social, emotional, and cognitive barriers to learning by understanding how Donna Whyte's Reading Aptitude assessment was used to provide relief to these educators with research and resources proven effective with students.

Science of Reading with Donna Whyte

Many teachers are working to align reading instruction to the newest research while also intertwining resources that you presently have available in your school. ESGI can help! Donna Whyte will share how several of the districts where she works are finding the quickest path forward with impressive results. She will also be sharing tabs that she has developed for different scenarios and offering her work to make your life easier.

Progress Monitoring for Success

New to ESGI? ESGI is a one-on-one progress monitoring platform that allows teachers and administrators to easily collect, review and report data to inform instruction use to:

  • Effortlessly track progress of skills across content areas
  • Seamlessly report personalized data to parents
  • Gain access to a free library of customizable assessments
  • Instantly determine students' strengths and weaknesses